Lectures and extended abstracts


M. Brune               (LKB ENS, Paris, France)

F. Gönnenwein    (Univ. Tuebingen, Germany)

C. Guerrero          (n-Tof CERN, Switzerland)

F. Gunsing          (CEA/DSM/Irfu, France)

S. Hilaire               (CEA/DIF, Arpajon, France)

A. R. Junghans    (FZR Dresden, Germany)

R. Nolte                 (PTB Braunschweig, Germany)

K. Protasov          (LPSC Gernoble, France)

R. Reifarth            (Univ. Frankfurt, Germany)

S. Simakov            (IAEA, Vienna, Austria)

P. Talou                 (Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA)



Neutron-induced Fission (3h)
F. Gönnenwein (Lecture)

Neutron radiative capture (2h)
C. Guerrero (Lecture_1, Lecture_2)

Introduction to neutron-induced reactions and the R-matrix formalism (2h)
F. Gunsing (Lecture)

TALYS : a tool to go from theoretical modeling of nuclear reactions to evaluations (3h) 
S. Hilaire (Lecture_1Lecture_2)

Neutron beam facilities for Nuclear Data measurements (3h)
A. Junghans (Lecture_1, Lecture_2)

Neutron Scattering, (n,xn)‐reactions, (n,chpart) experiments (1h)
A. Junghans (Lecture)

Detection of Neutrons (3h)
R. Nolte (Lecture_1, Lecture_2)

Properties of the Neutron (2h)
K. Protasov (Lecture_1, Lecture _2)

Nuclear astrophysics of the s and r-process (2h)
R. Reifarth (Lecture)

Nuclear Reactors, Evaluations, Library Development (2h)
P. Talou (Lecture)

Mini-workshop on
IAEA activities and available services related to nuclear data (2h)
S. Simakov (Lecture)

Mini-workshop on
Evaluation Process: from the Data to Evaluated Files (2h)
P. Talou





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