EJC 2014


The advent or the upgrade of European neutron facilities opens up new avenues for neutron-induced reaction studies that play a major role in many fundamental and applied-physics fields. In this context, this year's edition of the Ecole Joliot Curie will be devoted to the interaction of neutrons with nuclei.

The topics addressed by the school 2014 “Neutrons and Nuclei” are:

  • Properties of the neutron
  • Production of neutron beams, collimation, neutron guides
  • Interaction of neutrons with nuclei (theory and experiments)
  • Detection of neutrons
  • Nuclear astrophysics and structure of neutron-rich nuclei
  • Nuclear reactors, evaluations and library development

and the title of the seminar is " Exploring the quantum with photons and cavities".

The school will take place from 28th September (Sunday) to 3rd October 2014 (Friday) at "La villa Clythia", Frejus, (near Nice) in the south of France.

Looking forward to your active support and participation to this school.

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Important dates

March 10th 2014:
   Opening registration

April 25th 2014:
   End of registration



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